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Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 1 g, 1 lb, 1/2 lb, 1/4 lb, 14 g, 28 g, 3.5 g, 7 g

Tangie hemp variety is unpretentious, resistant to extremes of temperature and mold, the variety is suitable for cultivation even by the most inexperienced grower. The stone effect will relax the body for a long time.

Tangie is a classic of cannabis. This phenotype has repeatedly been a winner in various competitions among cannabis varieties. A plant of this variety was obtained by crossing several hybrids. He acquired all the qualities characteristic of the mother plant, and also added the function of auto-flowering. Possessing countless prizes and diplomas awarded the mother plant the reputation of one of the most powerful varieties. Therefore, we can safely say that the white widow auto-flowering is the “heir” of all the titles of her ancestor.

Features of growing and caring for Tangie

Tangie is pretty easy to grow, whether it’s home or outdoor. The quality of the phenotype and its “lethal force” have become practically a bestseller, a legend, a standard that genetics strive for, developing more and more varieties to match Tangie. T

his variety blooms in about 49 – 55 days, from the moment of cultivation in the room, which is faster than the maturity of the mother plant. Auto Tangie shows very good results using hydroponics. When using this method, special attention should be paid to the electrical conductivity of water. The EU should be around 1.4 with a maximum tolerance of 0.1.


hemp harvesting is one of the most responsible but at the same time pleasant and long-awaited moments for the grower. And if a person, by his inexperience, can assume that this procedure is quite quick and easy, it is worth emphasizing that this is far from the case. However, having some theory, one can get good results in practice even as a beginner. So what is a cannabis harvest?

By harvest, it is customary to mean a whole range of procedures related to harvesting cones. It includes:

  • Determination of the various stages of hemp ripening and selection of the most favorable moment for collection (preliminary forecast);
  • Entering the final ripening stage and smoothly bringing the plant to the end of its life cycle (correct final feeding, watering with clean water, drying the substrate, a period of complete darkness, lowering the temperature);
  • The direct cut of a plant or branches from its main trunk (gradual removal as maturation is possible);
  • Further pruning of inflorescences and leaves (manicure);
  • High-quality slow drying under optimal conditions (no light, temperature 18-25 degrees, air circulation and humidity at the level of 50-60%);
  • Drying smoothly flows into aging, or “curing”, consisting of several stages, after which the product reaches its best qualities and becomes completely ready for use and long-term storage;

A correctly done harvest is the key to a quality product with a large number of psychoactive substances, a pleasant taste, and excellent medical qualities. Before proceeding with harvesting, it is necessary to prepare and take care in advance of all the small details, the availability of working tools and the creation of an optimal environment for drying and curing. The main condition for obtaining exquisite fragrant cones – everything should go smoothly.

Harvest Preparation

Very often beginner growers make mistakes before they start harvesting, for example, overfeeding cannabis with fertilizers until the very last days and forgetting about flushing. In the last few weeks of life, when large fan leaves begin to turn yellow, and the pistils (stigma) acquire a reddish tint and dry out, plants need intense phosphorus-potassium nutrition without nitrogen. Its overabundance at the final stage of ripening negatively affects the taste of cones – the bitter taste of greens remains.

A little bit about the proper drying of marijuana

Even if the crop was harvested clearly at the right time, but the drying was not done correctly, you can easily spoil the entire crop. So drying cannabis is not just a separate stage in working with cannabis, but also an integral part of the harvest.

The effect that marijuana will have in many respects depends on the quality of drying. The correct approach preserves all the most important properties of the crop, can prevent the breakdown of THC, which can be a very big loss for the grower.

In drying, it is recommended to adhere to some conditions:

  • Humidity in the room should be as stable as possible – about 55-60%;
  • The temperature is just below room temperature. Ideally from 18 to 20 degrees;

The light should not be perfect. From the time of harvest to the time the cones are sent for storage, it is recommended that the exposure of the cones is minimized. The light at the time of the harvest is the fundamental destroyer of THC.

Fragrance and Tangie Effect

The powerful and pungent aroma that gives vivacity, which was transmitted to the phenotype from the Brazilian and Indian parents of its mother plant, will give a feeling of weightlessness, flight, a burst of energy. This phenotype is stimulated by a desire for conversation and creativity.


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