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The name marijuana comes from Mexican slang and is believed to be derived from the Spanish pronunciation of the names Maria and Jane. The name marijuana became popular in the USA in the late 1800s. Now products from weed can be bought online or grow yourself in pot. Cannabis products are widely used for medical and personal purposes. In our online store, you can buy cannabis with delivery to BC, Toronto, Ontario, Ottawa, Montreal and other cities of Canada.

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How cannabis works

THC is the main psychoactive component of cannabis as a sedative of organic origin. In simple terms, it is calming, acting on the nervous system, leads to some changes in the body:

  • Excitability decreases;
  • The central nervous system is normalized;
  • Excitation and inhibition of the body slow down.

There are two types of hemp exposure to High Sativa and Stone Indica.



Characteristic of varieties with a predominance of Sativa, at the initial stage, excites the central nervous system. Increasing physical and social activity, from the middle to the end, it slowly flows into stone. Exposure to typical Indica dominant varieties. From the first seconds, it became calms and as if throws a veil over the eyes, the reactions are inhibited, the consciousness becomes foggier.

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How to eliminate red eye after marijuana

The redness of the eyes from hemp is a completely harmless phenomenon, which in certain cases can be beneficial. For example, marijuana varieties that can lower eye pressure are actively used in medicine to treat glaucoma. There are several fairly simple ways to completely or partially remove redness:

  • You should choose hemp varieties with a low THC;
  • Redness can be removed with the help of eye drops;
  • Drinking plenty of water can relieve the redness of the eyes.

Some people have red eyes much more often than others. This is because they are either allergic to cannabis, or their mucous membrane is highly susceptible to irritants.


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