SFV OG marijuana strain is a 70/30 Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. The kush originates from California’s San Fernando Valley and was bred by Cali Connection. SFV OG nugs are dark green and full of brown hairs. They are completely drenched in resin and trichomes. When smoked, SFV OG gives a pleasant aroma of tangerines, hints of diesel, pine and citrus. The herb is potent, with THC levels up to 17-24%, the strain is more suitable for experienced users. SFV OG is good for night time use. Type of High SFV OG marijuana induces moderate cerebral euphoria. Followed by body-mind relaxation and sleep. Improves focus and mood, boosts creativity. Alleviates depression, stress and anxiety. In rare cases has been known to cause dizziness and paranoia.