Perfect for that burst of delight or simply a burst of flavour. True to its exotic amesake, Goji OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a dynamic, fruity profile. Containing prominent notes of berries, pine and citrus, diligent connoisseurs may also detect subtle licorice or earthy undertones. With THC levels from 18 to 24%, our Goji OG pre-rolls definitely pack a fruit punch. Quality comes first. Using only all-natural, cellulose-derived paper and organic Arabic gum, Kolab Project pre-rolls are hand-finished on-site using premium whole bud, never shake. Every pack of Kolab Project pre-rolls includes a humidity pack to maintain the freshness of the product. Our packaging is biodegradable: simply peel off the recyclable label and put your carton in the compost of trash receptacle.