Buy a Chem Dog “D” PAX Pod from Diem Cannabis today! Chem Dog “D” is an indica-dominant hybrid. Chem dog “D” is known for its distinct, diesel-like aroma. Pungent and sharp, you’ll be able to smell this strain from a mile away. The effects typically include a clear-headed cerebral high, feelings of euphoria and a calming answer to depression and stress. Strain Type: Hybrid Genetics: Sour Diesel and OG Kush PAX Labs delivers an incredibly precise and consistent vaping experience. With Pods containing locally sourced strain-specific cannabis oils, a free mobile application, and an award-winning technology brand, PAX products continue to represent the gold standard for product quality The PAX App is available on Chrome and Google play. Customize temperature, control flavor and vapor outputs, explore PAX pods, and see the tests your oils pass. All in the palm of your hand!