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Papa’s OG

Grade: AA
Type: Indica

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Papa’s OG Cannabis Variety is a high-yielding feminized indicative dominant hybrid that was created specifically for impatient gardeners. Its flowering period lasts only 45-55 days. The plant responds well to cultivation methods SOG and ScrOG.

Selection experts crossed the genes of cannabis varieties from Laos and Pakistan. As a result, the seeds of Papa´s Candy offer the world the best: strength, powerful effect and a beautiful spread with a lot of snow-white tricho.

The harmonious combination of Stone Relax and High at Papa’s OG

Papa’s OG marijuana seeds are chosen by sweets fans. The aroma and taste will turn out to be just that – sweet with a small amount of astringency and an anise flavor. A dominant indicator of 90% will bring a feeling of pleasant relaxation. There will be a desire to create, which will give a small proportion of Sativa 10%. A cocktail of relaxation and a rise in creative inspiration will be very powerful and will last several hours.

Growing Papa’s OG

This feminized photoperiodic cannabis strain is cultivated in both open and closed ground. Papa’s OG cannabis seeds will suit growers with even minimal experience. A rich harvest is provided if you do not allow excess moisture in touch.

Papa’s OG is not in vain received numerous awards in the Indore category. The height does not exceed 70-80 cm. Such compact dimensions are suitable for limited space. The period is completed when the height reaches 50 cm. The structure of the brogue resembles a Christmas tree: a powerful central stake and small branches that disappear from above.

In out, this variety shows a small growth, surprising for photo flowering strains – 1.5-2 m. Papa’s OG seeds are planted from April to June. Record short 7-8 weeks of flowering allow you to collect a rich harvest in early October. With 1 plant, a grower can get 500-1000 g of product.



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