Inside the seductively lavender-colored calyxes of Nug’s Cherry Gorilla, the kush-diesel funk of GG4 conspires with Black Cherry Pie’s syrupy sweetness to unleash a smell that terp lovers can’t turn down. But, it’s not all pretty looks and smells with this uncommon genetic; Cherry Gorilla packs power worthy of a Silverback, reverberating across both mind and body.


We began this project with a simple goal: To produce a pre-roll for the cannabis connoisseur, a true heavy-hitter for those who like their hits heavy with all the explosive flavors of top-shelf indoor bud.

Today, we are proud to say: Mission Accomplished.

What makes this award-winning product special is a combination of advanced techniques and a simple dedication to outstanding quality.

The base of each joint is just under a gram of bud from our expertly-cultivated indoor gardens. This delivers an intoxicating compliment of terpenes and the unique entourage effects of the consumer’s chosen strain.

To this, we add pulverized THCa diamonds. Grown in our lab, these represent the purest form of this sought-after cannabinoid available to the market. Finishing the gram with this special ingredient kicks each pre-rolls potency into overdrive. While the terpenes modulate the character of the experience, this extra punch THC keeps the intensity at maximum.

If you want the intense feel and flavor of a connoisseur cannabis experience with the convenient form-factor of a pre-roll, Nug’s Premium THCa Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls are a must-try.