High Potency Distillate 1000mg (1g)

90+% THC, Designed for advanced users, this is our highest potency blend tailored to provide the strongest experience. This cartridge uses the very latest in C-cell vapor technology for smooth no burn flavor 

Over the last decade founders of AmeriCanna have formed trusted partnerships with some of the best cultivators in California to provide nothing but the best cannabis material for extraction, we take this high quality plant material extract it using a 100% all natural, ZERO solvent method called Supercritical CO2 extraction, this is the same exact method used to remove caffeine from coffee. Once we have what we call “Crude Oil” which on average tests around 75% THC, we put it through a process called “Molecular Distillation” which concentrates all those wonderful cannabinoids we love and this is how we achieve 90+% THC. The process is all natural and requires ZERO solvents. Be careful with this High Potency Cartridge.. it will sneak up on you!