Kalifornia from Bodhi Seeds has roots that stem all the way back to an unknown Afghani landrace. A cross between Nepali Og (Nepali and OG Kush) and 88 G-13 Hashplant (Hashplant and G13; Mr nice), this heavy hitting, high THC, 60-40 indica-dominant flower creates dense emerald green buds shaped like Christmas trees. With its rusty orange pistils and a thick covering of trichomes, Kalifornia should delight you with light notes of citrus from its limonene content, but finish strong with the dominant terpene myrcene, giving strong hoppy, licorice and herbal overtones. These two 0.5g pre-rolls are hand finished by our highly trained staff (who are fellow consumers) in Sundre, AB, using Konehedz cones and filters and gently placed in their packaging for minimal agitation.