Glowing skin is IN. Ever hear it starts from WITHIN?

Matcha Beauty Drops are your new secret weapon. The antioxidant-rich blend of Matcha, Chamomile, Red Clover, and Vitamin C & E not only protects, repairs, and detoxes skin from the inside-out, but also promotes healthy cell turnover and renewal. The 5:1 ratio of full-spectrum CBD and THC is known to boost immunity and will have you glowing in no time. The natural flavor of Matcha makes the process fit for a beauty queen.

Bottle Contains ~ 300mg CBD: 60mg THC

Serving (1ml) Contains ~ 10mg CBD: 2mg THC

Bottle Contains ~ 30 servings

How to Use: Store in a cool, dry place. Shake well before use. Drop desired dose under tongue… Let sit for 15-20 seconds to work its magic. Enjoy the natural flavor of matcha… and swallow. Your skin thanks you matcha.

*Actual cannabinoid content may vary by bottle. Please refer to lab results located on the outer box.