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Grease Monkey

Grade: AAAA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 1 g, 14 g, 28 g, 3.5 g, 7 g

The cannabis cultivar Grease Monkey stands out from its competitors with a THC level of 21%, a fresh smell of wild berries and a short life cycle, thanks to which the seeds become a mustache for growers who value their own time.

A mind-blowing variety for maximalists. Great harvest, strong effect, fast harvest – Grease Monkey credo. Together with a delicate berry aroma and high medical potential, we can safely say that this is a masthead for every grower.

Genetics Grease Monkey

To get such a strong variety, breeders had to work hard for the glory. Based on the varieties that differ from each other in aroma and insightful nuances. Pungent odors and a strong effect are inherent in such peculiar plants. This mixture makes it a small plant producing huge inflorescences with thick resinous buds covered with trichomes. The resulting Grease Monkey is not a bit behind the parents in terms of performance, and even ahead of them.


CMH seeds feel great in Indore and Outdoor. Indoors, it will be possible to grow up to 400 g / m2, but anyone in the open field will envy the performance: with proper care, growers can collect up to 900 grams from one bush. Under the roof, the harvest time is 55-60 days.

Taste and effect

The aroma of Grease Monkey reveals the smells of fresh citrus fruits and fruits. The taste reveals the zest of grapefruit and fresh earth.

According to the effect, Grease Monkey is a classic indicator with an excellent effect achieved by a high level of THC of 21%. Full relaxation and a sense of euphoria are provided for a long time, the effect is bright and long-lasting. The high medical potential achieved by a good CBD will eliminate pain and relieve malaise.



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