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Granddaddy Purple

Grade: AA+
Type: Indica

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Granddaddy Purple Indication is the dominant hemp variety. A distinctive feature of the variety is purple-violet leaves. The plant is characterized by rapid growth, but with high requirements for care. The taste is sweet with the aroma of ripe berries. The effect is soft, relaxing.

Buddha Purple Kush is a variety of marijuana with a distinctive purple color. This indicative dominant culture was bred by crossing the Hindu Kush with attractive Purple. A part of ruderalis is present in the genotype, which contributed to the emergence of the ability to auto-flowering.

Growing marijuana in the garden and indoors

Granddaddy Purple is a powerful hybrid with numerical lateral branches and short internodes. The plant has a good structure and seems very fluffy. The variety is suitable for cultivation, both indoors and in a greenhouse or outdoors. As it matures, Granddaddy Purple turns blue, giving it an exotic look. As with Blue Berry, the lower the temperature, the more intense the blue and violet tones.

After the emergence of sprouts, the Granddaddy Purple bush slowly develops, but after the growing season, the grower expects a rapid flowering process.

The plant should not be slowed down; he does not like to be disturbed. Therefore, transplantation should be carried out with extreme caution. Good lighting will help the plant produce a large number of inflorescences. Do not immediately plant in spacious pots, let the bush grow a little. Otherwise, all the forces of the plant will go to the formation of the root system. Granddaddy Purple is afraid of excessive moisture.

Fragrance and effect of Granddaddy Purple

Like many auto-flowering varieties, Granddaddy Purple is not a killer variety, but still quite powerful. In the aroma of the plant, you can catch earth tones and a certain astringency in the taste. It does not cover immediately, it leads to relaxation gradually. It will be a good option for a day of relaxation from the outside world.



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