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Girl Scout Cookies

Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Girl Scout Cookies – marijuana indie variety shows top-notch qualities. This cannabis quickly brings a crop that is enough to share with friends and relieve stress after a hard day at a warm company. Pleasant caramel taste and no less pleasant relaxing effect.

Who does not like cookies, and even with caramel? Sidbank Sumo Seeds presents its development based on the popular cannabis Girl Scout Cookies. Sumo Seeds breeders include this girl among their best developments, noting the high stability and high quality of the variety. Each grower will be happy with such a “cookie” in his collection.

Growing Features

The cultivation of hemp varietiesGirl Scout Cookies does not require special skills or equipment from the grower. Plants are compact and form many lateral branches, which is typical for indicator dominant varieties. Suitable for any growing conditions, whether grow boxing or open ground.

  • In Indore, Girl Scout Cookies grow to 120 centimeters in height;
  • After 8-9 weeks of flowering, it is time to harvest. A square meter of Girl Scout Cookies seedlings easily brings 400-550 grams of fragrant cones, dense and oily;
  • Direct sunlight has a beneficial effect on the growth of Girl Scout Cookies – girls stretch from 130 to 190 centimeters in height and give growers a plentiful harvest, which reaches 850 grams from each bush.

Experienced growers can increase the productivity of Girl Scout Cookies by resorting to cultivation using the SOG or SCROG method.

Delicious like homemade cakes

Sumo Seeds claims the Cannabis Girl Scout Cookies are a real delicacy. This cannabis is extremely sweet and surprises with caramel tones. The effect spreads gradually, transferring the body and mind to a warm bath of relaxation, powerful and long-lasting, able to fill the whole evening. It helps to cope with stress and overcome sleep problems.



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