Mr. Moxey’s Energizing Peppermint Mints are typically euphoric and energizing. This mood-boosting high is usually more present in the body, but the head high is far from subtle. A mint or two should fuel a spring cleaning spree or a couple hours of studying. As it wears off, you might feel more inclined to zone out. Allow Mr. Moxey’s to be your personal valet, helping you set off with a dash of panache and a wink in your step. Handcrafted in small batches with a unique botanical blend of rosemary and green tea, Mr. Moxey’s Energizing Mints are at your service, bringing an invigorating lift to your day. 100mg THC 20 mints 5mg THC per mint. Herbal Allies: Rosemary: promotes clarity Green Tea: uplifting & euphoric. Naturally gluten-free & vegan.