Emerald Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain. Expect to contemplate on a deeper level than what you’re used to when consuming this strain, and be prepared for philosophical conversations that are either intelligent or completely off the wall. Emerald Cookies has a strong effect on the mind but it’s an indica-dominant strain, so the body will also be highly affected as soon as the strain enters your system. You’ll feel a comforting weight drop your shoulders, as tension leaves your body and a mild, soothing thrumming, that allows you to just relax and enjoy. Emerald Cookies has a sweet and floral scent that’s earthy like fresh soil. The buds are shades of deep greens with patches of purple poking out and a frosty layer of trichomes to show you how potent it is. The more you take, the more you’ll feel sedated, so be careful about your consumption with Emerald Cookies if you aren’t using it at nighttime. Produced by Liberty/Strane.