A distinguished gift for the cannabis connoisseur, delivered in marbled suminagashi packaging inspired by the Mount Shasta snowmelt that sustains our plants. The box is a beautiful keepsake with custom watercolor marbled artwork.

This set contains a limited-edition strain Mountain Shadows, only available in the Dusk Curated Set.

Dusk for those looking to get a taste of a hybrid and indicas.

Night Sky (I) – A heavy and psychoactive flower for experienced smokers seeking a bold, daydream high. Characterized by its rounded buds, and piney notes.

Silver Cloud (I) – A smooth-tasting flower with notes of chocolate, and lavender. Ideal for physical relaxation and a productive headspace.

Mountain Shadows (H) – Full-bodied, hybrid strain with hints of lemon zest and mint. for smokers seeking an active yet tranquil, cerebral high. (limited-edition strain)