NOT AN OIL TINCTURE – Glycerin / Raw Honey based water soluble Tincture!


Our Tinctures are full spectrum water soluble tinctures that have rapid effects. The cannabinoids are over 90% bio-available immediately vs. oil tinctures which are closer to 20-30% and can take 1-2 hours. Thus resulting in less potency needed for even more medically available cannabinoids and effects, saving money and guesswork with dosing.


The Drift Off Tincture is a Whole-Plant Indica infusion featuring Chamomile to assist in a calming relaxation that drifts you off to sleep.


Featuring THCa & THC.


Blended with organic honey, vanilla and cinnamon, it tastes great and can be added to your favorite bedtime tea.


Less Psychoactive/immediate effects:

Start with .25ml to  .5ml Under the tongue.  Absorb in mouth for 30 seconds


More Psychoactive effects:

Start with .5 to 1ml in liquid & drink. Effects can take 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Wait 2 hours before increasing does.


High Bioavailability:

Compare 1mg cannabinoids to 4mg found on Oil Tinctures