Bred to create a high-yielding Do-Si-Dos cultivar, Dosi-Woah crosses Do-Si-Dos with Ethos Genetics’ Kush RBx4. Most phenotypes lean toward Kush genetics with green buds and high yields, but some take from their GSC side with dense buds and flowers that vary in color. This strain puts out an impressive gas, earth, and pine terpene profile, and regardless of the phenotype, Dosi-Woah! is potent, tasty, and a pleasure to grow. The calming effect on the body makes this strain a tasty stress reliever. This strain is suitable for treating chronic anxiety, migraines, appetite loss, and headache. As your cerebral state settles, your body will begin to follow suit, losing itself to a tingly effect that causes a pretty hefty dose of couch lock and slight sedation without making you too drowsy.