40mg THC 40mg CBD Unlike other processes, such as CO2, distillate, BHO and PHO, fully extracted oil leaves the entire family of beneficial cannabinoids to remain, hence the term “full extract”. This results in the entourage effect, which imparts a more balanced, smooth sensation when consumed via an edible, because all of the components of cannabis are still present. Additional medicinal benefits can be attributed to the presence of the complete spectrum of cannabinoids, including lessened inflammation, better sleep and more comprehensive pain relief, depending on the original profile found on the flower used to create the oil. Many consumers also testify to the easier, slower onset of sensations of relaxation or psychoactivity and a longer duration of the sensations when consuming FECO versus other types of oils. This sure was awesome. Not to sweet, nice smooth Chocolate flavor with kick! Thanks. I will definitely be buying another one. ~BA