435mg THC Infused with vitamin E, rose oil, fir oil, and peppermint oil. Our topical is made from a full-spectrum coconut oil infusion of organic cannabis and locally-sourced beeswax and essential oils to create the optimal wellness product. Using a method that requires only heat and pressure, we extract the highest levels of cannabinoids to deliver the plant’s medicinal powers with no psychoactive effects. We process premium frozen material from established and trusted farm partners. In addition to ensuring that your cannabis is washed prior to processing, the cold conditions also help stabilize trichome heads. This is a manual by hand process that balances the ancient art of making hash with modern equipment and extremely cold environments. We seek the best farms who grow with methods that yield better terps, and allow us to harvest and freeze the cannabis at the peak of ripeness. Excess chlorophyll is washed away and the gland heads are collected and turned into freeze dried hash. This purified dried hash is then pressed in small amounts to ensure each and every dab is produced perfectly for quality and presentation. The final product will have a light color, strong smell from abundant terps, will burn clean in the banger and have a very high overall cannabinoid profile.