The aromatic cultivar known as Chocolate Hashberry is the result of a cross between two classic Kush cuts; Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush, resulting in a robust and delicious aroma. Handcrafted and thoughtfully designed with a balanced ratio of THC & CBD, loaded with nourishing all natural and organic ingredients and wrapped in 100% biodegradable packaging. Dominant terpenes: myrcene, beta-caryophyllene and limonene. —- We love cannabis. Full stop. We try to honour our favourite plant in everything we do, and our Bath Bombs are no exception. Each fizzy, cannabinoid-infused sphere represents an exceptional cultivar, replicating that plant’s iconic aroma through a precise formulation of botanical terpenes. These scents are so fresh, you’d swear you were bathing in our garden (but don’t worry – we won’t watch). —– The science behind it: Stewart Farms Bath Bombs exist in the realm of cannabis topicals. Topical products are infused with cannabinoids that are absorbed through the skin, activating the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. Our Bath Bombs contain two of the most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis – THC (50MGs) and CBD (50MGs). Research on cannabis topicals suggests they may have potential to combat inflammation and tension. Human skin is covered in CB2 receptors, endocannabinoid receptors which work within the body’s central nervous system. When activated by cannabinoids, it’s believed these receptors can provide localized relief from pain and discomfort. Stewart Farms Bath Bombs are designed to be effervescent; when the bomb dissolves in warm water, all ingredients, including THC and CBD, are dispersed, diluted and ready to make full-body contact in the tub. —— Hold on. Will infused Bath Bombs get me high? Good question! We thought you’d never ask. Topicals – ours included – do not cross the body’s blood-brain barrier like cannabis you’d smoke, vape or eat, so they don’t produce a high or intoxicating effect. Topically, CBD is known to produce anti-inflammatory effects; THC is known to possess antifungal and antibacterial properties. This equal ratio of cannabinoids was chosen for Stewart Farms Bath Bombs to maximize topical potential. Some users report slightly sedating, calming effects from using cannabis-infused Bath Bombs. Other reported effects include clarity of mind, decreased anxiety and increased mental alertness. Because they’re non-intoxicating, topicals are often chosen by people seeking therapeutic potential of cannabis without the high associated with other delivery methods.