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Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

The Chemdog hemp variety will be a decoration for any collection of feminized seeds. A strong, stable and unrealistically delicious variety with a giant THC level of up to 32% and a record resin concentration. Sweet fruits are felt on the palate, and the euphoric effects just blow the roof.

Strain specificity

Chemdog cannabis variety from the Anesia Seeds seed bank is an ingenious cross of the top geneticists OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The new hybrid took the best qualities from such record parents, so there is no doubt in its genius and stability. This is a masterpiece with a THC content of 32%! What other arguments are needed in his favor?

Hemdog guarantees the strongest impact on the level of the nervous system, emotions, and physiology. Dominant Sativa will not give stress and boredom the slightest chance. This is the optimal balance of physical and mental effects that last several hours in a row. From the first minutes of the tasting, you will understand why this variety is so popular in the USA and Europe.

Features of growing Chemdog

The patches are actively developing and reach a height of 120-200 cm. Their growth is easily controlled by cutting.For stable development, it is important to ensure sufficient air circulation, as well as high-quality filters, as the smell of cannabis is intense.

When grown in Indore, the yield will be 500 g / m2 and this is without much effort of hemp breeder. In warmer climates, feminized seeds can be grown outdoor. Harvesting begins in October, and each bush will give the grower 500-600 grams of fragrant cones.

Chemdog Effects

In medicine, a variety is used for:

  • relief of physical pain;
  • fight against chronic fatigue;
  • treatment of depression, nervousness;
  • Improving appetite and general mood.

Domination in Sativa genes will provide a powerful euphoric effect. Be prepared for revelry of imagination and creative talents, as well as for long conversations and the desire to philosophize about the meaning of life and space flights.



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