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Charlotte’s Web CBD

Grade: AAAA
Type: CBD

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Charlotte’s Web is a flowering hemp variety bred by Canadian breeders by crossing the original L multiple strong hybrids. In 2010, this cannabis variety entered the TOP 10 best varieties of Canada according to HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE.

Size is not important!

Charlotte’s Web not only includes all the advantages of its predecessor but also has several exceptional advantages:

  • Higher yield;
  • The kidneys are larger and denser;
  • Very high resin performance;
  • Exotic taste and original powerful effect achieved through the influence of genes.

The plant has a small growth, about 30 – 50 cm, and the shape of a stocky Christmas tree. This hemp variety is suitable for beginner growers, it is unpretentious, does not require a large amount of fertilizer, it is well resistant to infections and fungi, and the flowering period passes very quickly and is only 6 weeks. The main thing that you should know for those who decide to grow this variety, the smell spread by the plant is quite strong and harsh. Take care in advance about how you will ventilate the room.

Exotic lovers

The original and exotic taste of this variety of marijuana is difficult to describe, a mixture of tropical fruits and herbs will not leave indifferent any gourmet. The effect is powerful and bright, best suited for evening or weekend get-togethers. Important caution, Charlotte’s Web sometimes causes paranoia. Many note the positive medical properties of this variety, especially in the fight against insomnia and loss of appetite.



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