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Bubble Hash


Dragon stamp high quality- bubble hash  *minimum 7g per order*

The simple one-line answer to the question “what is bubble hash?”, would be a cannabis concentrate created using ice water. It is deemed to be one of the highest quality forms of solventless marijuana on the market today, with a THC content of up to 60%. While it isn’t quite as potent as wax and shatter, which can have THC levels of 90%, it is cleaner and purer than any concentrate made using solvents such as butane.

It gets the name ‘bubble hash’ for two reasons. For one, the concentrate bubbles when heated before use. Two, you need to use bubble bags to sift the marijuana plant material from the purified trichomes it possesses. As you’re probably aware, trichomes are microscopic and resemble cloudy mushrooms to indicate when the weed is ready for harvest.

Bubble hash is marginally stronger than traditional hash which is also taken from the cannabis plant’s trichomes. You can consume bubble hash in a pipe, via a bowl, or in a joint. For most users, one-third of a gram is more than enough to help them achieve their desired effect.



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Additional information
It is widely believed that bubble hash is safer to consume than concentrates that use chemical solvents to extract the cannabinoids. However, experts in the field dismiss this notion. According to Serge Christov of Honest Marijuana Co., extraction with a solvent such as butane is just as safe as ice water extraction because the solvent is evaporated, leaving behind a pure product. It is also a fact that ice water extraction is an arduous, time-consuming, and expensive process if you purchase certain equipment. Overall, bubble hash is clean because you use ice water to freeze, and then extract, trichomes from the marijuana plant. You then separate it from unwanted plant materials through the use of mesh ‘bubble’ bags. If you decide to make bubble hash, you are rewarded with a high-THC product which should only be used in small amounts. If you treat it as regular weed, there is a high possibility of suffering from side effects such as hallucinations and paranoia, so use bubble hash responsibly!

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