The BRNR STIK is the newest buttonless, pen-style vaporizer battery for 510 cartridges that includes a sustainable, hemp-based silicone “ARMR” sleeve, offering style, affordability, and a great user experience VAPOR ON DEMAND Buttonless design with the device activated by inhalation; intuitive and easy to use. SMARTPULSE NO-BURN TECHNOLOGY Automated temperature algorithm sends intermittent pulses of power to the core, instead of constant heat, which preserves flavor and prevents the device from overheating during usage. VARIABLE TEMP (LOW FOR FLAVOR, HI FOR HIT) Optimized for viscous distillate or terpene-rich formulations with 2 temperature settings: “Performance” (3.4v) and “Flavor” (2.4v). ARMR HEMP-BASED PROTECTIVE SLEEVE An ocean-friendly silicone and hemp-based sleeve that provides a comfortable grip while providing both impact protection and style in a low carbon footprint. Multiple colors available for consumers to personalize their device and help save the environment!