BOAZ Handcrafted Green Kraken premium flower pre-rolls are always made with full buds from a sativa dominant hybrid of Mango and Green Kush. These buds are dense, dark green and consist of a sharp compact structure. BOAZ is proud of their handcrafted process. Each bud is hung to dry by hand before being hand trimmed and cold cured in Calgary. Each pre-roll is hand filled, hand rolled and hand packaged allowing greater attention to detail and the human touch needed for superior quality. Green Kraken releases a high amount of THC and a sweet, floral, fruity aromas with a terpene profile including myrcene, caryophyllene, nerolidol and limonene. With a focus on scientific innovation this handcrafted flower is grown in small batches in customized modular grow pods in Calgary’s Foothills Industrial Park.