SMOKEABLES FOR A MILD HIGH MUSE Spliff: Vibe: uplift, invigorate, create Ingredients: raspberry leaf, peppermint, sage, jasmine flower, cannabis (sativa blend) Ingredients with Integrity Each herb is carefully sourced and tested for pesticides, molds, metals, and microbiomes. With each petal, leaf, or bud that makes it into your Spliff, you can trust that the physical, metaphysical, and philosophical origins have been carefully considered, tested, and trusted. Barbari is for those that want to get lifted, but keep their feet on the ground. The professional, parent, student, or artist who likes to use cannabis as an ingredient to their life. It’s flavorful and aromatic: your everyday smoke-break essential. Say goodbye to the days of saving half-smoked joints, and hello to the individually-dosed magic of the Barbari Herbal Spliff.