Alaska is an invigorating, high-THC sativa named for its cool, refreshing taste. Its uplifting and energizing effects make it great for day-time use. Our full-spectrum cannabis oil tincture is made with high-purity distillate and all-natural ingredients – avocado oil, single strain cannabis oil, and orange peel extract. Using CO2, we extract the oil from the whole flower, purify it to a high degree, and then reintroduce the strain-specific terpenes – preserving the full strain cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Our Tikun tinctures are made to provide a workable option for whole body comfort and relief if needed. Tinctures are one of the quickest ways to get whole body relief other than smoking. This fast acting liquid will provide you a powerful relief from the pain your body may be feeling at any time of the day. But here is the thing, if you are also just looking for a way to feel your THC without having to smoke it, this tincture could be the product for you as well!. No weedy after taste because we add orange peel extract for a great taste, and instead of waiting up to two hours for an effect like edibles you feel it within 15 to 30 minutes tops. Your dosage could be customized based on personal preference and could last up to a handful of hours. You can also switch up your way of consumption and add it to your morning coffee or tea. 

Also available in 15ml Size

Also available in Vape, Flower, Topical, Lotion


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