818 Headband, also known as Sour OG, is a hybrid that is credited to the breeders at The Cali Connection. Created from 2 legendary strains – the original Sour Diesel and SFV OG Kush, it offers well-balanced genetics, but predominantly indica effects. 818 Headband acts fast to bring on full-body relaxation and a worry-free mind. While it is a strong sedative, it does not immobilize with an overpowering stone. Highly effective at reduce stress, anxiety and to a lesser degree depression, it is utilized to help manage symptoms of PTSD, social anxiety, and chronic pain. 818 Headband has also been reported to bring on some mean munchies, so patients who seek to restore a healthy appetite find this a viable option. Finally, while the experience of this strain may begin with a cerebral buzz, most users are tempted with closing their eyes within an hour of consumption.