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Willy’s Wonder

Grade: AA
Type: Indica

QTY: 1 g, 14 g, 28 g, 3.5 g, 7 g

Williams Wonder is a cannabis variety with a predominance of indica properties. This variety is tall, it is characterized by rapid flowering, strong odor, and unpretentiousness. “Miracle in 60 days” gives the effect of happiness, joy, and overflowing with energy. Also used for medical purposes. Williams Wonder is one of the fastest commercial cannabis varieties from DNA Genetics.

Williams Wonder a miracle with 60 days yield. Yes, it takes so much time to reap the benefits of their labor. The variety consists of 90% of indica, and only 10% of Sativa. The history of culture originates from the plant known in wide circles and the classic Indian strain. The resulting hybrid variety has unpretentiousness to growing conditions, high height, concentrated aroma during flowering.

Features growing Williams Wonder

Bushes Williams Wonder differs in growth rate and ability to survive even in extreme conditions. The strain is undemanding to care, does not require much nutrition. Judging by the reviews of experienced gardeners, the plant can be attributed to partisan cultures. The strain will easily fit into the nature of the garden, it will be invisible even on the windowsill. The plant is a favorite crop of commercial gardeners. It is also suitable for beginner growers, thanks to the fast flowering. The plant will not ripen for more than 2 months, due to its abilities.

Taste and aroma characterization and effect of hemp on the body

Williams Wonder is characterized by the original taste of this variety. From his mother, medical properties were also transferred to him. It acts gently, causing a feeling of euphoria, vigor. The strain can relieve intense pain, fight stress, tension, fatigue.



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