True North Confections, our infused edibles division, creates the most enticing ways to ingest cannabis! For those who do not combust or vaporize to meet their cannabis consumption needs, our edible products will precisely deliver the dosage you are looking for. Our production methods, ingredients, and quality control processes are all designed to make your experience the same each time you enjoy our products. Through every stage of production, we have systems in place to ensure that every product is prepared, sealed, labeled, packaged, and delivered with the highest regard for safety and consistency. Our professional culinary team starts every product by choosing premium ingredients typically found in gourmet confections. These premium ingredients, combined with our team’s dedication to their craft show through in the taste and appearance of every product they make with love and care. Made with high potency distillate and gourmet ingredients, our products exceed the expectations of patients across the state! Packaged in an FDA compliant facility, we strive to deliver the safest, most reliable experience to our customers. Each batch is carefully handmade and independently lab tested to ensure consistency, safety, and potency. Our products deliver quality you can taste!