High-THC flower with a sour and citrusy aroma. High-THC flower that has leaves the hue of fresh limes, curled pistils the colour of plump oranges, an aroma the smell of sliced lemons, and a taste like a tropical punch. Half Sour Diesel and half Jack Herer, Sour Jack is a hard-to-come-by strain that has a powerful tropical fruit and fuel scent. The citrus perfume is joined by a twang of diesel, which is largely lost on the inhale leaving a smooth and soft sour fruit flavour. Produced in British Columbia Producer Whistler Cannabis Co. Brand Whistler Cannabis Co. Common name SOUR JACK Species Sativa-Dominant CBD 0.01-0.04% THC 20-25% Terpenes Limonene 0.35-0.55%, Myrcene 0.31-0.4%, Nerolidol 0.13-0.21% Consumption method Inhalation Growing method Indoor Packaging material Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)