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Sister Glue

Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 1 g, 14 g, 28 g, 3.5 g, 7 g

Anesia Seeds Sister Glue cannabis variety is a first-class camera with unique genetics. A true champion in the production of tar and terpenes, containing more than 28% THC. It fades in just 8-10 weeks. Lush bushes grow up to 120-150 cm, in touch – up to 2 meters. The yield reaches 600 g / m2 or up to 700 grams

For its rich taste and aroma, Super Glue undoubtedly deserves the title of work of art. While working on the cultivation of this variety, Anesia Seeds breeders placed a special emphasis on the formation of a bright and saturated terpene profile and an increase in the volume of various cannabinoids, including THC, exceeding the 28% mark. The effect is so intense and deep that it will impress even the most tolerant cannabis lovers. So, the seed bank team managed to achieve great success in the implementation of the tasks!

Growing Features

The combination of Indica and Sativa in the genes of this perfectly balanced hybrid is approximately equal (60/40). This affected not only the quality of the impact but primarily on the phenotype of plants. Sister Glue has a good balance between vertical growth and the development of side branches. The vegetative period is very active, a fairly large number of strong branches and growth points of future inflorescences are formed. The initial flowering phase is also accompanied by rapid vertical growth, so you should consider this point in advance and use a ScrOG grid or apply pruning.

The maximum height of plants in Indore can reach 120-150 cm, on the street – up to 2 meters. At the end of the flowering period, which usually lasts 8-10 weeks, the leaves and buds turn purple and become covered with a copious coating of white sticky resin. All branches thickly enough are overgrown with large and dense inflorescences of a rounded shape. Harvest with proper care is very solid: in Indore Sister Glue will bring up to 600 g / m2, outdoors in a sunny warm climate one plant can produce up to 700 grams of cones.

Memorable taste and aroma

By the time of harvest, the inflorescences become incredibly resinous and fragrant, so the variety got its name. In its beautiful colors, many different aromas are combined: obvious woody-earthy tones and notes of sweet forest berries are traced, along with pleasant spice and freshness of field herbs.

Super-sticky, super-strong

The hemp variety of Sister Glue has a fairly strong and long-lasting effect. At first, incredible lightness, joy and a sense of euphoria appear. Then comes a pleasant physical relaxation. The head becomes clear and clean, there is a freshness of thinking and concentration of attention. For therapeutic purposes, this variety can be used to relieve pain, muscle relaxation, treat depression and stress.



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