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Purple Bubba

Grade: AA
Type: Indica

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Purple Bubba is a cannabis variety with the indica genotype. From the seeds grow stunted proportional eye-pleasing plants. They emit a fruity smell with a touch of pineapple. They have a calming but at the same time intense psychedelic effect. The variety is unpretentious in cultivation.

Marijuana cultivation

This is a typical Indica with a set of excellent qualities:

  • Any gardener can work with culture. Even the beginner able to get a decent harvest.
  • The plant has comprehensive protection against most known diseases, fungus.
  • Fast flowering. This allows you to switch to the harvest before the rainy season and the first frosts.
  • This girl is a real nymph! One glance is enough to fall in love with her beauty.
  • Low height. This allows you to breed in small, tight grows. Owners of small rooms will appreciate it.

Branching of Purple Bubba is slightly increased, so you have to work with scissors. In this case, it is better to buy a pair of gloves so as not to stick to the girl. At the flowering stage, the bushes change color to purple – another feature of the variety.

Flavoring and aromatic gamma and marijuana effect

Saturated taste and smell delight no less than beauty. In the aromatic palette, you can catch the tone of pineapple. Purple Bubba has peculiar taste properties: the user will find a whole bunch of fruit smells and tastes.

Purple Bubba acts like a typical Indica. Sometime after administration, relaxation occurs. The relaxation is deep enough, therefore it is recommended to use Purple Bubba only on weekends or before bedtime. This strain will provide the best relaxation for those who are looking for stress relief on the spiritual and physical levels.



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