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Platinum Cake

Grade: AAAA+
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g, 7 g

Platinum Cake on your table

Dutch hemp seeds Platinum Cake is a photoperiod hybrid with a predominance of indica. The variety shows excellent results in open ground, although it was developed specifically for Indore. A unique blend of original genetics pleases the grower with the symmetrical Indica structure, creamy blueberry scent and impresses with its unique deep impact!

What does a Platinum Cake cannabis bush look like?

Over 10 weeks of life, Platinum Cake can reach up to a meter in height. A rapid jump in development occurs after the light cycle changes to 12/12 – the plant can add three times in volume in a short period. In the phenotype of an adult bush, the indigenous genes of the famous berry are visible.

The branching of the bush resembles a New Year’s pine, and dark green leaves with a black tint at the end of flowering acquire lilac hues! Cones develop in dense, tarry stakes with a light blue glow and a strong odor that can cause Indore trouble! The rest of the strain is unpretentious. With high-quality lighting, it effectively responds to trimming and stretching. Topdressing will also significantly increase productivity.

Delicious Platinum Cake Marijuana Aroma

In the process of long-term stabilization, breeders deliberately selected the most odorous phenotypes with blueberry flavor. The result was a delicate bouquet of berries with cream, reminiscent of a cheese pie with blueberries. For more detailed disclosure of odor, gourmets recommend treating the crop. The procedure is guaranteed to show the deepest notes and allow you to evaluate the berry sweetness of smoke without bitterness.

It’s like breathing out after a crazy day

The effect of the variety is especially appreciated for its anti-stress properties. 20% THC in Platinum Cake deeply relaxes the body, allows you to forget about worries, enjoy the moment “here and now”. They have a joyful mood, a sense of happiness and contribute to new creative ideas. In general – an ideal evening relaxant without killing, sleeping pills.


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