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Pink Death Star

Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Pink Death Star is a tall plant that prefers open ground. In its genetics, it carries 50% of Sativa and indica. This variety is attractive, fertile, love compost, and is also resistant to mold and pests. It has a pleasant citrus flavor with pine notes. It attracts with the aroma of pine and citrus.

This is probably the most beautiful variety that the developer company has put on the market. In the first years of its appearance, the Pink Death Star phenotype takes an honorable first place at High Life Holland 2008. According to the manufacturer: “on a sturdy stem, the optimal inflorescence/leaf ratio”.

Features of growing Pink Death Star

The variety is intended for outdoor cultivation. More than 50% of plants accept a purple or purple color. Pink Death Star is the jewel in the marijuana garden. Often its height reaches several meters. The variety does not require a large amount of “food”. Organics are best added at the beginning of the flowering period. Grovers recommend that you adhere to the ratio of N-P-K / 2.0-6.0-3.5. The bush easily copes with a dry climate and is positive about compost.

The phenotype is suitable not only for hot countries. Gardeners of the northern latitudes also gained positive experience after communicating with the variety. It turned out that with a controlled decrease in temperature, the strength and resistance of the main stem of Pink Death Star increases, and the bush itself grows with fewer leaves.

The scent and effect of Pink Death Star

Pink Death Star has a typical indicator effect – that is what the phenotype is famous for. A strong stone, characteristic of Indica, rolls after a Sativa emotional uplift. It tastes like a citrus plant with woody notes.



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