The Compact is all a modern woman needs put together in one portable elegant kit that is made to resemble a makeup compact, hence its name. When opened it reveals “The Solo” metal Micro-Dose Inhaler and a metal custom fit multitool. The metal Micro-Dose Inhaler has a clever square silhouette that prevents it from rolling around and provides you with excellent grip. The kitchen grade enamel finish prevents the pipe from overheating and protects it from wear and tear. The metal multi-tool is designed to clean your Micro-Dose Inhaler in a matter of seconds, so it is instantly ready for your next session. But that is not all, it also has a handy mirror in the top and a plastic stash box with two separate compartment in the bottom, one for day and one for night, so you always have the perfect herb ready to fit the time of day. The recess is especially designed to fit a standard size lighter, so you are always fully prepared. Included with your purchase is a black pouch for extra discreet and safe transportation when not in use.