S – Clementine (Tangie X Lemon Skunk) If you love citrusy sativas, this strain is a dream come true. Uplifting and energizing, Clementine is a go-to for wake and bake sessions to get your morning started and maintaining that all day, feeling good groove.  

Notes of sweet citrus with skunky undertones.

The Monarch

‘When purity matters’ Taste the Difference / Feel the Difference

The Monarch brings you the pure essence of Cannabis flower in strain-specific small-batch offerings. By using our proprietary steam distillation technology, we extract the unaltered full spectrum bouquet of aromatic terpenes, from hand-selected, estate-grown LEGION flowers. 

The AWARD WINNING Monarch features ultra-pure, high THC, 3 x refined cannabis oil, complemented with full-spectrum single source cannabis-derived terpenes, “CDT’s”.  

The Monarch is showcased with a ceramic mouth tip, in a glass and stainless steel cartridge, with a ceramic “C-cell” heating element for a better tasting vape experience. There are two battery options for the Monarch cartridge line.

The LEGION push button battery features three temperatures, low, medium, and high. As well as, a 10-second pre-heat function that slowly warms the oil. This is perfect for colder days when first using a cartridge in the morning, or for larger plumes. Available in strain-specific Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties, and boasting a 75-85% THC range. 

The LEGION Draw activated Battery provides a simplified user experience with a sleek refined look. Just attach your favorite Legion cartridge draw and enjoy.

The Monarch provides a discreet and easy, superior cannabis vaping experience. 


LEGION Quality

We take pride in our craft and believe in providing the highest quality Cannabis experience. That is why no adulterants, additives like propylene glycol “PG”, vegetable glycerin “VG”, medium chain triglycerides “MCT oil” is found in any of our products.  



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