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Grade: AA
Type: Indica

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Kushberry is a low growing, high-yielding, sensitive to overfeeding. The bushes are strong and stocky, give dense oily inflorescences. The taste is a sweet berry with earthy notes. The effect is very relaxing, calming.

Kushberry is an amazing plant, a genetic blend of West Coast marijuana varieties. The exotic taste of blueberries mixed with lemon will be remembered for a long time by every consumer. It is noted that the variety has medical qualities. The strain quickly gained popularity due to its extraordinary taste and powerful effect. In 2008, the strain won first place in the Outdoor Spannabis competition.

The genetic ancestors of the brood are OG Kush and Oregon Blueberry. A variety from Oregon inherited a sweet blueberry flavor from the culture. From OG Kush he got a lemon flavor. Strain 70% – Indica.

Kushberry Growing Features

Kushberry bushes can produce a relatively large crop with low growth. When cultivated in the garden, the strain can stretch up to 2 m in height, but in the growing, the plant is less tall. It looks like a bush, as typical representatives of the indigenous varieties of cannabis: strong, bushy. The plant does not need a large number of nutrients, on the contrary, it reacts poorly to abundant top dressing.

Judging by the group reports, the bushes manage to reach 45cm before starting to bloom. At the flowering stage, they add slightly in height. The EU level should be kept at around 0.8 during the growing season. The electrical conductivity of water should be gradually increased to 2.0 as the plants grow older. When Kushberry blooms, the whole room is fragrant. Therefore, gardeners should take care of a powerful ventilation system.

The taste, aroma, and effect of hemp on the body

Fruit and berry aroma, blueberry tones, earthy taste – this is what can be found in the aromatic palette of the strain. The variety has a relaxing, calming effect. The plant induces the consumer to meditate. The strain can be taken with fatigue. The plant is also used for medicinal purposes, helping with sleep disorders and indigestion.



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