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Khalifa Kush

Grade: AAAA+
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Khalifa Kush is a feminized hybrid with a predominance of indica properties and a high level of THC. Plants are stunted with a powerful stem and oily inflorescences. The variety is characterized by accelerated growth and a set of flower mass. It has a bright and strong taste.

The level of THC immobilizes the body. Khalifa Kush is a small compliment to fans of classic Indica straight from Amsterdam. This phenotype was obtained by crossing such high-quality varieties as Malana and the classic Hindu Kush.

How to grow Khalifa Kush, its features of vegetation

Khalifa Kush is a very stable indicative dominant phenotype. It has high productivity, low stocky bushes, it is characterized by large leaves, painted in dark green. The adult plant is abundantly covered with dense trichomes. Branches of Violator Kush are very weighty due to the abundance of heavy cones. Therefore, closer to the end of the season, the plant will need backups.

Plants planted outdoors sometimes show an early start to the flowering period. Also in the open air, occasionally there are cases of auto-flowering of this variety. Usually, this period lasts 55-60 days. Violator Kush can produce up to 650 gr. / M².

Aromatic properties and effect of Khalifa Kush

The hybrid has a rather strong sedative effect due to the high level of THC (22%). He relaxes, cleansing the mind of unnecessary thoughts and emotions, he simply has to lie down or do meditation. It is often used in medicine as a natural sleeping pill or a powerful muscle relaxant. Khalifa Kush has a classic flavor characteristic of the “old school” Indica.



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