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Gorilla Glue #4

Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

The cannabis variety Wild Gorilla Glue #4 is a powerful Indica, enclosed in an unpretentious hybrid plant. Grade seeds are extremely popular among North American growers, thanks to their exceptional strength, filling the light green as if sprinkled with powdered sugar inflorescences of this extraordinary cannabis.

Wild Gorilla Glue leads its pedigree from the Chem family, which has become the progenitor of many legendary varieties. Breeders managed to surpass parent plants, as evidenced by the success of Gorilla at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup and High Times Jamaican World Cup. In 2014, she won at once in these two marijuana festivals.

Blooming Wild Gorilla Glue makes an indelible impression on cannabis fans when heavy light green inflorescences are coated with sugar crystals of the fragrant resin. Just do not be fooled by the appearance of the hybrid with obvious Sativa signs in appearance – by its effect, it is an uncompromising Indica.

Genetics and its manifestations

Wild Gorilla Glue is a cross between Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister, and Sour Dubb. Rumor has it that the first pollination between these varieties occurred by chance, but, in this case, the providence hand was not mistaken. Inspired by an unexpectedly successful result, Dinafem breeders continued to work on the cultivar and achieved an excellent result: the cultivar turned out to be strong (up to 25% THC) and highly productive – in an outdoor, a three-meter giant can produce more than a kilogram of the crop.

The ratio of Indica to Sativa in the Wild Gorilla Glue hybrid is 60/40, but these percentages are distributed very peculiarly. Satisfactory characteristics are manifested mainly externally: high growth, light green color, large inflorescences. Indica also determines the effect of the Gorilla – a dense Indian stone, which the manufacturers themselves characterize as “slaughter.” Gorilla demonstrates a complex and rich aroma, a mixture of Diesel and Chem. The diesel smell is complemented by a distinct earthy flavor with characteristic acidity.

Cultivation of Wild Gorilla Glue

Cultivation is not particularly difficult, it is enough to follow the rules common to all types of marijuana. Wild Gorilla Glue, like most cannabis varieties, does not like overfeeding, so you should not stuff it with shock doses of fertilizers. In watering, moderation should also be shown so as not to flood the plant.



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