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Ghost OG *Hybrid*


Award winning strain, hybrid! *Regular menu item, longer wait times to be expected* *$10 delivery fee on orders under $80*

Ghost OG is an indica-dominant hybrid with potent sedating effects. Most believe that Ghost OG is a cut of the legendary OG Kush strain. This strain has become increasingly popular among medicinal cannabis consumers, particularly those with insomnia.



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Additional information

Ghost OG Aroma

If you are expecting it to smell like OG Kush, you’re in for a big surprise. Ghost OG has a floral scent with more than a hint of citrus. After lighting up, you may eventually notice a strong smell of pine and soil, which provides a dank odor. One user described this strain as being like OG Kush with a slice of orange.

Ghost OG Flavor

The sweet citrus scent carries over into the taste. However, you should get a grassy flavor, along with earthy and piney notes.

Ghost OG Appearance

While OG strains tend to have dark and tight nugs, the buds of Ghost OG are loose. They are bright and often have an aesthetically pleasing oval shape. The lime green color combines beautifully with orange pistils, and the dark green leaves provide excellent contrast. Once Ghost OG is almost ready to harvest, you will notice the milky trichomes on the calyxes.

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