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Gelato – Small Buds

Strain: Gelato
Type: Indica

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

The Story of Gelato

Experts say that Gelato is one of the most sought-after varieties in Eastern Europe. This is due to the short flowering period and good yield in record time.


The maximum flowering time of the plant is not more than 8 weeks. This is the best variety for growing both indoors and outdoors. When growing indoors or in a greenhouse, it is recommended to avoid rapid plant growth, this can be achieved by limiting the growing season.

The height of one Gelato bush in the room will be about 100 cm, with a flowering duration of no longer than 55 days. When growing a plant in an outdoor plant, the height of the bush can reach up to 250 cm. Despite the rather high bush, the yield of this variety is average, 350 – 450 g / m². But despite this, the plant attracts with its power of influence and aroma. The Gelato plant is also characterized by large cones with copious amounts of resin.

Taste and effect

Cannato Gelato gives you a lasting relaxing effect. The plant has a rich heady and slightly spicy aroma and delicious long-lasting taste. The level of THC in the plant is high, so you will be maximally satisfied with the resulting exposure. Gelato is also known for its rich taste and exciting aroma.



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