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El Chapo

Grade: AAA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Hello, I’m El Chapo

The cannabis variety El Chapo is a hybrid of Green House Seed, which was born through a combination of genes from several hybrids. The ideal cannabis variety for true connoisseurs of indica. Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2010.

Nuclear current throughout the body

The variety fully lives up to its name, because El Chapo is a really powerful and fast-acting effect. It causes a warm and delicate feeling of euphoria, relieves stress, stabilizes the nervous system and creates a calming psychological state. This hemp can maintain an effect for a sufficiently long time. Medicinal properties include pain control and stimulation of appetite.

Sweet Flavored Explosion by El Chapo

The taste is intense, with pleasant sweet shades of berries, fruits, and flowers. The aroma is candy, it is a mix of strawberries, apples, roses, and violets.

Features of growing El Chapo:

  • The bush is compact (grows up to 1 meter), but fertile;
  • The abundant release of resins dulls the green color of the plant, and a grayish tint is created;
  • Has a strong trunk, voluminous bushes, and small round inflorescences;
  • The maximum indoor crop is t – 900g per square meter, outdoor – 45 g from the bush;
  • The flowering period is 6 weeks;
  • Easy to grow, so suitable for beginner growers.


To achieve the most favorable result, it is necessary to observe the temperature, the minimum indicator should be at least 10 degrees. Daylight hours are not less than 12-18 hours. Due to the strong and pungent odor, it is recommended to use a charcoal filter.

Temperature for growing hemp

One of the main tasks of a grower when growing hemp is to maintain a favorable temperature regime. The plant will grow vigorously and bear fruit abundantly only within the boundaries of certain temperature values, which differ depending on the stage of development of the cannabis.

It is also worth considering that different types of cannabis tolerate cold and heat in different ways. Due to the climatic conditions of the natural habitat, the indica prefers a cooler climate, while Sativa, on the contrary, feels more comfortable in a hot environment and does not tolerate cold.

Do not forget about the temperature of the soil, because the root system is an integral part of the plant, without which it simply cannot exist. The roots should be in comfortable conditions, one of the determining elements of which is temperature. Even in the best soil, marijuana will not survive if it is chilled or overheated.

Favorable temperature for marijuana

To grow seeds, the grower needs to create a humid environment, the temperature of which will be at least 15 degrees. In nature, they begin to sprout from the soil precisely in such conditions. The highest percentage of seedlings is observed at a thermometer of 21-32 degrees. The most favorable mark is 27 degrees. All types of hemp have the same temperature preferences at this stage of development.

After the transition to the vegetation stage, the plant’s immune system strengthens, which makes it more resistant to negative environmental factors. The minimum value of the favorable temperature is reduced, and for each species it is different.

  • For varieties of indica and most auto-flowers, favorable day temperature is a value of 20-28 degrees. At night, its reduction to 18-24 degrees is allowed. Many manufacturers talk about the positive properties of such fluctuations;
  • For Sativa varieties of marijuana, the daily temperature should be between 22 and 30 degrees. At night, it should not fall below 20 degrees.

At what temperature does hemp die?

Too low or high ambient temperatures can lead to partial damage or complete death of the plant. At a thermometer of 15 degrees, marijuana growth stops. Her immunity is weakening, the process of photosynthesis begins to proceed much more slowly. The content of chlorophyll in the tissues of the marijuana decreases, which leads to a change in its color to purple, black or blue. In conditions of high humidity, the chances of mold infection are very much increased. The only exceptions are hemp varieties for cold climates. Due to the climatic conditions of the natural habitat to which they have adapted over the years, such patches feel good at low temperatures. These include some varieties of indica from the highlands, as well as auto flowers with a large number of ruderal genes.

The upper threshold of the critical temperature for hemp is 35 degrees, but already at 30 its growth and development begin to slow down. Terpenes and cannabinoids begin to evaporate from the surface of inflorescences, which greatly affects the quality of the finished product. Stalks become vulnerable to insects, root damage, water depletion, and a nourishing burn. This greatly increases the chances of her death. Only a few tropical varieties of Sativa can tolerate high temperatures. If your region is famous for its high temperatures, we recommend choosing a hemp variety for a hot climate. They are loyal to high temperatures, but it is worth considering that an excessively high degree of Celsius and drought can bring a lot of trouble to even the most persistent fighters.



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