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Discreetly Baked Natural Tangerine CBD Tincture

Flavour: Natural Tangerine
Product Amount: 30ml bottle, approximately 1ml per dropper-full

Discreetly Baked ‘s naturally flavoured CBD tincture not only tastes amazing but is made with 100% pharmaceutical grade CBD Isolate which comes from European Certified Organic farms. There is no THC and no artificial additives in this product.


Recommended Use: Shake well before use. Place the desired dosage under tongue, hold for about 10 seconds (this step is optional), then swallow. Start with a lower dosage (such as a few drops) and increase slowly by adding a few drops more in order to fine-tune your dosage. The number of drops may vary for each individual. For optimal results, Discreetly Baked suggests taking the tincture sublingually (under the tongue).



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