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Bubba Kings Sour Amnesia

Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa
THC: 19.1%  | CBD: 0.3%
Effects: Calming, Relaxing, Energetic
Aroma: Clove, Spicy, Mint

QTY: 1 g, 14 g, 28 g, 3.5 g, 7 g

The winner of the Cannabis Cup, a striking representative of the Amnesia phenotype. Sour Amnesia is a delicious blend made from Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk. A tantalizing taste combined with a strong and lasting effect. A must-have for a self-respecting Grover.

Amnesia Lemon is a variety whose purpose was to win competitions and cups among cannabis. This is a variety champion, a variety leader. The phenotype was obtained by crossing the widely known original Skunk #1 and repeated winner – Amnesia Haze. The taste qualities of Amnesia Haze in combination with the power of Skank gave a hybrid with a short life cycle and rapid development during flowering.

Features of growing Sour Amnesia

Sour Amnesia bush is growing steadily, quickly. It pleases hemp growers, producing a large number of brilliant crystals, starting from the first weeks of growth.

It is best to grow the phenotype in Indore, although the yield of the hybrid does not decrease in the open air. When growing at home, it is advisable to take into account some recommendations of gardeners who have previously encountered dilution of Sour Amnesia:

  • Lighting, power 400 W / m2, with a photoperiod of 14/10 during the flowering period and 16/8 at the growth stage;
  • The maximum recommended EU water – 2.0 during flowering; for the growing phase, a much smaller EU of 1.1 is suitable;
  • The temperature in the range of 22-28 ° C;
  • Pots at least 5l.

Special care for the plant is not required, but there is a possibility of decay or the appearance of fungus due to the high density of cones. Therefore, the best means of prevention will be regular ventilation, frequent manicure, the installation of props.

The scent and effect of Sour Amnesia

The genetic mix of Sour Amnesia gave the variety a surprisingly invigorating taste of lemon, which brought the culture a victory at the 2004 HTCC. Against the background of relaxation, brain activity rises sharply. Good ideas and bodily excitement.



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