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Blackberry Platinum

Grade: AAA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Feminized Platinum Blackberry hemp seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Tall culture – carefully choose a place for cultivation so that the tree does not attract prying eyes. The sweet variety will give an energy boost and a great mood.

Platinum Blackberry feminized marijuana variety consists of the balance of Sativa and Indica in the proportions of 55% to 45%. The culture itself in the garden looks harmonious, like a bright, all-green diamond. Trichome hairs cover moist cones and create the feeling that exotic and attractive fruits grow on the bush.

Distinctive features

The bright orange palette of villi is similar to the amber powder that covered the plant’s buds. Tiny crystals “play” and burn in the sun like diamonds. Assessing the appearance of the hybrid, you can safely put him ten points out of ten.

By the way, the taste of the strain is not as fruit-like as the flavor itself. There is no doubt that the smell of Platinum Blackberry deserves the highest praise because of citrus, tropical, fruit motifs with light spicy tartness “live” in it. If we talk about the effects of the strain, it is worth noting that it is better to use the variety only in the daytime, since the plant will give hemp grower a burst of energy.

Platinum Blackberry – a fruit miracle

In the taste of the strain, a distinct combination of fruits and woody aftertaste with an oily shade is felt. From the first breaths, the head is instantly filled with bright thoughts, a thirst for action, activity and positive.

In this regard, it is better not to taste the Platinum Blackberry hemp variety before bedtime, since you will not succeed in this anyway. But along with an excess of energy, lightness and calmness will be felt. For the dynamic impact of euphoric notes and an excellent gastronomic palette, the hybrid received a “hemp sympathy prize” and universal popularity.

Effects on the body

This variety is aimed at immersing the smoker in a world of calm and bliss. The effect soothes you for several hours until you fall asleep. First, the user feels a slight bliss in the body, and then drowsiness occurs.



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