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Black Diamond

Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Black Diamond is the most successful indoor variety, the creation of which was attended by the great Jorge Cervantes. In warm climates, significant yields can also be achieved in the outdoor. Plants of this variety love the abundance of light and water.

They are resistant to pests. The taste beckons with notes of sweet fruit. This phenotype is based on Indica – 80%. Everything else is Sativa. This combination provides Black Diamond with extraordinary taste, a strong impact on the user and allows you to collect large crops.

Features of growing Black Diamond

This variety almost does not require personal care. It has good protection against mold, spider mites, and other parasites. The level of THC in the plant is in the range of 15-22%. The harvesting period begins 8-9 weeks after planting. Black Diamond gives 300-400 g per square meter of sown area indoors. When growing the phenotype in the room, you should adhere to a photoperiod of 18/6 for the first 4 weeks, and further cultivation, you can switch to 12/12 mode.

The stem of the plant is very strong, densely dotted with large resinous buds and large leaves. Black Diamond grows to an average of 120 cm; some specimens can be significantly lower. The average yield per plant is 90-100 g of dry product. For the vegetative stage, EC should be in the range of 1.2-1.6, and in the flowering stage from 1.6 to 2.0.

Taste and effect

Black Diamond smoke has a pleasant sweet aroma that captures notes of wild honey and fruity notes. It has a long “soaring” effect. From a medical point of view, this variety is useful due to the high content of THCB, CBD, and CBN.



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