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Grade: AAAA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Astroboy is a Sativa plant that is highly resistant to mold and rot on the top of its head. The species has undergone adaptation in tropical countries and temperate regions.

Features of growing Astroboy

The variety is not afraid of high temperatures and its sharp changes upwards. Cannabis growers who are going to plant in high humidity areas will certainly be interested in the variety. The central cola is poured with white resin. Most bushes form dense cola with a cone-shaped tip.

The strain showed itself well in any type of cultivation and any soil. But in return, it requires a little care and plentiful dressing at the flowering stage. Low-stress LST will help unleash the full potential of White Magic. Grovers recommend trimming the lower shoots. This will simplify the care of the crop and strengthen the upper branches. Lateral branches are long but fragile.

On this basis, you should take care of the garters and props for your pet. Variety Astroboy attracts a lot of attention at the flowering stage because of its intense smell. Therefore, it is worth thinking about installing an exhaust ventilation system with air filtration.

Taste and aroma palette and effect of Astroboy

The fragrance Astroboy spreads far beyond our world. At least I want to believe this based on the intense smell of this plant. Cones have a scented aroma with mint tones.

Creative high effect pushes intellectual exploits. You will be overwhelmed by internal energy, which makes you want to be in motion all the time. Astroboy will give creativity. The balanced content of cannabinoids allows you to do without a feeling of paranoia.



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