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AK OG Kush

Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

AK-OG Kush hemp variety is suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation. Bushes, often of medium height, but tall specimens are also found. The hybrid is unpretentious, anyone can handle it. The effect of AK-OG Kush is euphoric, relaxes, relieves stress and gives a good mood.

Features of growing cannabis variety AK-OG Kush

Experienced growers recommend extending the growing season to get a more impressive result. Using the Sea / Screen of Green technique, you can collect about 500 grams of dried cones from one square meter of plants in Indore. AK-OG Kush bushes rarely exceed one meter in height and are very easy to care for – it will not be difficult to grow them in any conditions. It is noteworthy that the cones on the bushes noticeably more leaves. The heads are dense and oily, exude a pleasant aroma of needles with light shades of fruit.

Effect and therapeutic properties

The cannabis variety AK-OG Kush has a pleasant taste, in the palette of which berry notes with a light fruity aftertaste are felt. The effect comes gradually, in waves. It causes a feeling of euphoria, raises the mood and gives positive emotions – what you need for a good evening in a pleasant company of friends. Cannabis AK-OG Kush found its application in medicine as a remedy for nausea, to increase appetite, and is also used to relieve various pains, including dental.



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